Luis Avila
Based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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10 March, 2013

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MasterMix is a tool to assist you in running PCR (Polymerase chain reactions) in the lab. It allows you to customize your PCR master mix protocols and calculate reagent volumes needed.


Running PCRs every day in the lab, with mostly the same recipe but changing the number of reactions, sometimes for 96-well plates, sometimes just 10 tubes, I wanted an app that would help me and my students save time doing these basic calculations. I looked at options in the appstore but dit not find an app that would do this with a simple, clean design. I made this app and released for free. Over time, the app is becoming more popular with more people downloading it when I release updates. I love to receive feedback, if you use MasterMix send me an email with your comments or write a review on the appstore.


  • Keep different recipes organized and ready to use in one app.
  • A dilution calculator to help you with your C1 * V1 = C2 * V2.
  • Simple user interfaz, you can even use it with lab gloves.


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Selected Articles

  • "Because users are able to build their own recipes from scratch, they have the ability to easily calculate master mixes for all of their commonly used reactions, all within a single app."
    - Best Science Apps, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

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MasterMix Credits

Luis Avila
Programming and concept.

Miguel Chang

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks